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The La Unica Supercenter restaurant had roaches in their kitchen during a food safety inspection on May 26, 2022, in which they scored an 73.50 C. The restaurant is located at 5323 East Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC.

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Employee drinks and food were stored on the food prep counter with customer food in the kitchen and tortilleria.

There was no managerial control over risk factors in the kitchen. Watermelon was sitting on shelving, the fruit was not covered. Several employees were handling utensils and food without hair restraints.

The inspector saw several alive roaches in the kitchen throughout the inspection and one dead roach inside of raw meat in the reach-in cooler unit.

In 2020 roaches were found at the La Unica Supercenter restaurant also. 

During the inspection there were bowls plates and utensils that were stored as clean but still had food debris and leftover sticker debris on them.

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Dishes were being washed with 0ppm sanitizer. The chicken stock was at an unsafe temperature and had to be thrown away. 

The manager was missing from the beginning of the inspection. A reach in cooler was not cold enough, the food inside had to be discarded.

The manager had an expired food protection certification. Employees were seen washing hands without soap and water.

The inspector observed an employee start work and put on gloves without washing their hands.

An employee was touching tortillas with their bare hands, the inspector then had the entire bin of tortillas discarded.