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Many Asian cuisined restaurants perform poorly during food safety inspections. The Teriyaki Express II scored an 85 B during a health and safety inspection on September 24, 2020. The Teriyaki Express II is located at 6434 West Sugar Creek Road Charlotte, NC. Last week The Teriyaki Express II had roaches during an inspection and scored poorly.

Per the September 24th inspection there was a lack of active managerial control in the facility with date marking issues, cold holding issues, hot holding issues, and pest control issues.

In fact a live roach crawled out from inside the chicken marinade machine right in front of the inspector!! This is no surprise as The Teriyaki Express II clearly has a roach problem. The dish machine was unable to prime sanitizer, thus the sanitizer was too weak to effectively disinfect germs from the dishes.

Out of temperature grilled chicken was on the prep counter and had to be discarded.

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The following foods were held at unsafe temperatures and had to be thrown away: dumplins, raw beef, raw chicken, egg rolls, garlic/oil mixture, and various other TCS foods.

A chemical sanitizer bucket was on the prep table next to rice cookers, along with a chemical spray bottle. There were also two sanitizer towels stored on the sushi table and a sanitizer towel on the prep table. The inspector had the chemical bucket, towels, and spray bottle removed away from the food prep, and sushi tables to a safe location.

To-go sushi trays were being reused for taking items out of fryers. All three gaskets on the make table were torn and dirty with black buildup.