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The Denny's on 4541 Sunset Rd. Charlotte, NC is known for having insects and mouse defecation in its restaurant. But on September 21, 2022 this Denny's scored an 82.50 B on a health department food safety inspection.

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Denny's management was not monitoring date marking, insect control, or cooling in the facility.

There was no certified food protection staff on site during the inspection. An alive german roach was found in the vanilla filling for the crepes. The vanilla filling was discarded per the inspector's demand.

Roaches were seen in food and behind the small prep cooler used for making crepes.

This is not the first time roaches were found there. In 2021 mouse defecation and roaches were found at Denny's during an health inspection.

Hash browns were held at unsafe temperatures above 41F, and as a result had to be thrown away. Also the salad and eggs were held above 41F and were discarded.

Several food items were not date marked and were thrown out.

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The inspector observed floors and walls in need of cleaning, especially behind and under equipment.

This same Denny's restaurant had insects in the dining room during a 2020 inspection.