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22-year-old Luis Bethancourt-Molina was arrested on Sunday night August 23, 2020 after allegedly shooting at another motorist in Garland, Texas. Luis is believed to be responsible for multiple road rage shootings in the area, including a shooting from August 20 in Garland.

On the 23rd there was a shooting involving a pickup truck being driven by Luis, Texas police say. According to officers, the driver of a blue Jeep was harassed by the pickup before the truck’s driver fired a black AR-style rifle at the blue Jeep and its driver. However, neither was struck.

Officers spotted the truck a short time later and found cocaine, a stolen AR-15 22-caliber rifle with one round in the chamber, numerous live bullets, and spent shell casings. Luis was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and theft of a firearm.

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