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The Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant on 5111 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC continues to get bad health scores. On September 10, 2020 they got a 89.50 health score during an inspection, that is a B score and is bad.

A roach was observed on the paper towel dispenser in the midst of the inspection. The restaurant was temporarily shut down because the walk in cooler was not cold enough. Specifically there were foods that were not at safe temperatures in the walk in cooler and therefore had to be discarded.

The walk in cooler had to be fixed and serviced before the restaurant was allowed to reopen.

The sanitizer in the dishwasher was not at a safe strength level, as it was below 200 ppm.
Beef intestines were observed thawing in standing water above 70F. Only approved thawing methods are allowed in North Carolina restaurants.

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An employee was observed coming from outside of the kitchen to put on gloves without washing hands prior.

Multiple pans were seen stacked wet. Pans and dishes are supposed to be stacked dry to prevent mold and mildew accumulation. There was also a large amount of ice buildup on the inside of the walk in freezer

Lastly the drain under the char grill was backed up and needed repair. In 2019 the Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant got a 76.50 score.