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Cynthia Smith, a 64-year-old teacher at Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary in Riviera Beach, Florida faces one count of child abuse.

Surveillance footage from January 28, 2020 shows the 7-year-old student touching a bulletin board before Cynthia approaches him from behind and pushes his head into the wall, the student's head then snapped back from the force, Florida police say.

Cynthia then walks away from the student.

The student said that he was messing with the board and then Cynthia pushed his face into the wall. The force from the push forced the student's tooth to come out and caused his lip to bleed.

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Smith was arrested and charged with child abuse on January 31. Court documents show she posted her $3,000 bond the next day.

Katrina Granger is the principal of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary and told the detective that Cynthia had at least four previous cases during her 12-year tenure at the school, documents related to the investigation say.

The principal has received numerous complaints from parents.

When interviewed about the incident, Cynthia denied touching the first grade student.

According to a Palm Beach School District spokesperson, Cynthia has been placed on reassignment, meaning that she can have no contact with children.