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On November 8, 2021 officials say that several inmates jumped and beat Officer NaQuan Claire in the Mecklenburg County Jail at 801 East 4th Street Charlotte, NC.

Just last week 3 jail guards were assualted in a fight and one guard was stabbed.  

Officer Claire observed several inmates playing cards during a housing unit tour and directed them to stop playing cards and return to their cells. An inmate made a verbal threat toward Officer Claire and four other inmates began to crowd around him. 

Officer Claire called for assistance via radio, and an unknown inmate made another verbal threat, Officer Claire hit one of the inmates and a fight began. 

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Detention Sergeant A. Middleton and Detention Officer T. Knight responded to the radio call, and the violent inmates dispersed. 

Officer Claire was transported to the hospital with injuries. Criminal charges are expected for all inmates responsible for the jail guard attack. An investigation is underway.