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Three shootings in Charlotte, NC occurred within an hour of each other on May 12, 2020.

The first shooting was at 3:22 pm on South Cloudman Street. Two victims were in their vehicle parked in a driveway when an unknown suspect in a separate vehicle shot at them. An adult female was shot and transported to the hospital, her injuries have been determined to be non-life-threatening.

The adult male passenger was hit by glass –he was not shot.

The second shooting was at 3:51 pm on Milton Road. A 16-year-old male victim showed up at Atruim Health-University hospital and stated he was shot near the McDonalds while he was walking. He sustained an injury.

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The third shooting was at 4:15 pm on Bromwich Road. An unknown male suspect on foot was shooting at three individuals who were sitting outside nearby. One male victim was shot in the leg. Two other victims ran from the scene and have not been located. At least one unoccupied vehicle and an occupied residence were also struck by bullets.

No suspects have been located at this time.