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Teenage blood shed in Charlotte has sky rocketed. 8 teenagers have been murdered in and around Charlotte, NC. There are many other teens that were killed, but we lost count. In less than one month, there were 3 teenagers that were shot and killed in Charlotte.


Dominic Salazar, 18, and Damien Gonzalez, 17, were murdered in a double homicide at a park on Griers Grove Road Charlotte, NC. They were brothers.

Nahzir Taylor, 17, died on December 2, 2022 after being shot while getting off the school bus on Lanza Drive Charlotte, NC.

Gary Galicia, 20, and his brother Joe Galicia, 18, were killed in a double homicide in Charlotte, NC.

18-year-old Jayla Barrett was shot and killed on April 14, 2022 in a homicide at a Shell gas station on 10308 Albemarle Rd. Charlotte, NC.

14-year-old Gregory Holmes was murdered on Southwest Blvd. Charlotte, NC.

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19-year-old Jesse Mobley was shot and killed on July 24, 2022. Jesse was murdered on Thomasboro Drive Charlotte, NC.

On September 2, 2022 Omar Hardin, 18, was murdered in a triple shooting in Gastonia, NC. 

In some cases, no arrests have been made. As the city of Charlotte grows, it appears that more and more homicides are occurring, including teenage homicides.

Charlotte has had around 80 or 90 homicides in 2022. That number does not compare to bigger cities like Chicago which has had nearly 600 murders in 2022.

Detroit has had over 200 homicides in 2022.

Houston has had 380 homicides this year.

Nevertheless, the homicides in Charlotte are violent and getting out of control, as many kids are dying.