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A total of six women were arrested, suspected of being involved in a prostitution and human trafficking scheme in Fort Mill, SC on March 5, 2020.

The York County Sheriff’s Office has been focusing on areas near the state line in Fort Mill to stop prostitution.


The suspects in the investigation have been identified as 36-year-old Courtney Kinner, 49-year-old Allyson Simmons, Erin Touchbaum, 43-year-old Wanda Overcash and 27-year-old Marissa May.

York County officials say the suspects have been charged for prostitution, illegal narcotics as well as other crimes.

After further investigation it has been revealed that the sixth female was a victim of human trafficking and had been forced or coerced into prostitution. The victim is receiving assistance from the Homeland Security Investigations and hasn't been identified.

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Sheriff Kevin Tolson said:

“We understand that individuals who engage in this type of illegal activity are often victims themselves. The York County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to enforcing the law, but we are also mindful of the circumstances that may lead a person to this life."

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