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6 women in Charlotte, NC were arrested on prostitution charges in an undercover investigation by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. The women arrested ranged in the ages of 20's to 40's. One woman may have been easy to spot, as she has clearly un kept muddy blue hair.


Over a 2-3 day period from March 5-7th of 2019, prostitution stings were conducted in several locations throughout Charlotte. But, most of the women were arrested on or near West Sugar Creek, the area has a reputation for crime and murders.

Undercover CMPD officers arranged sex acts or sex with the women, once a monetary deal was made the women were arrested one by one for prostitution. Just to be clear none of the undercover officers actually engaged in sexual relations with the women.

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Several of the women have past charges that include prostitution, drugs, assault, and theft.

Two of the women actually have the same first names. The women arrested are identified as: Tinika Nattinger, Samirah Moore, Summer George, Alissa Carter, Jessica Carter, Jessica Nolan.

In 2018 two Charlotte women were arrested in South Carolina on prostitution charges