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On May 7, 2021 a federal jury in Charlotte, NC ordered Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and ex-band director Duncan Gray to pay $10.5 million to a male student that was sexually assualted by Duncan.  

Duncan Gray

Duncan Gray

Prior to the lawsuit, Duncan had already plead guilty to indecent liberties with a minor in 2016. Yet, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools still didn't want to settle the lawsuit, instead the school district took the case to court, as if they were going to win.  

Maurice Grier is the student that Duncan had indecent liberties with. Maurice is now a grown man and a college graduate. Duncan is the ex band director at West Charlotte High School and Johnson C. Smith University, both schools are in Charlotte, NC.

 Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools was ordered to pay $7.5 million and Duncan was ordered to pay $3 million. Maurice filed a lawsuit against Duncan and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools after the sexual assualt took place.   

Duncan committed the sex crimes at West Charlotte High School in 2011 when Maurice was a member of the West Charlotte band and just a young teenager.

Duncan would give Maurice lengthy after school tutoring and rides home. When giving Maurice rides home, Duncan would touch Maurice's legs and suggest engaging in homosexual acts with him.

Duncan touched the student’s genitals during a horn lesson in the band auditorium on West Charlotte's campus, but the sexual touching was interrupted when someone banged on the door. 

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Maurice went on to graduate and enter college before he came forward to tell what Duncan did to him. Police got involved and Duncan was arrested in April 2016 while he was at church during Sunday service. 

Duncan resigned from West Charlotte High School a few months after his arrest.

Duncan was sentenced to 30 months probation and was required to register as a sex offender.

Duncan directed choirs and bands at the National Baptist Convention in years prior, and in the future his dark homosexual secrets would be revealed in front of the world to see.

Duncan was employed at Johnson C. Smith University from August 1, 1986 until June 30, 2004 as the Band Director. Duncan was the West Charlotte High School band director from 2007-2016.

In March 2011 Duncan was suspended by the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system regarding alleged sex messages with students.

 Duncan received a written reprimand for the texts.