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On September 7, 2022 Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy Devin Williams, 24, was arrested charged with murdering 2 people in a shooting. The victims were a married couple and are identified as Benison Tran, 57, and Maria Tran, 42. They were killed in Dublin, California.

Devin Williams

Devin Williams

Officer Williams is accused of fatally shooting the Trans on September 7, 2022 just after midnight. 

Authorities say Officer Williams broke into the Tran's home and shot the couple. The suspect then fled the scene. Police responded to a report that two people had been shot inside a residence and that the suspect had fled the scene.

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Other relatives of the Trans were home at the time of the shooting, they called police.

Emergency officials responded to the scene, but it was too late as both Trans were pronounced deceased.

Quick action from Dublin Police, with support from the California Highway Patrol and Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, led to the arrest Officer Williams in Fresno County, California nearly 12 hours after the homicides.

Officer Williams called 911 to turn himself in. Police are still searching for Officer Williams's duty issued firearm.

No crime motive is known right now for the suspect.