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On May 6, 2022 a shoot out was reported at the Quik Trip gas station on The Plaza Charlotte, NC. Yasone Craddock, 20, and Yanasti Craddock, 26, were arrested and charged in connection with the shooting.

Yasone Craddock and Yanasti Craddock

Yasone Craddock and Yanasti Craddock

Around 4 in the morning several shots were fired at the Quik Trip gas station. Several customers were at the establishment at the time of the shooting. Bullets damaged property at the Quik Trip and blew out glass doors.

A girl was raped and then dropped off at a Quik Trip gas station in 2019.

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Vehicle windows were shot out also. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries. Several hours later Yasone and Yanasti were arrested. Yanasti was charged with attempted murder, while Yasone was charged with assault with deadly weapon with intent to kill. 

There was a shootout at a Quik Trip in Charlotte that started at McDonalds.

Two females robbed a Quik Trip location in Charlotte.