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A shooting occurred on Sunday evening at Concord Mills mall inside the movie theater section. The popular mall is located on 8111 Concord Mills Boulevard, Concord, NC.

The shooting was prompted by a argument over seating in a packed showroom where the newly released "Us" movie was being shown. The "Us" movie was created by the same creator of the "Get Out" movie.

A black male with a dread locks hair style shot another black male in an argument over seating. As shots rang out, people began running over each other in an attempt to 'get out' of the theater. Blood spilled out into a main area of the mall. Chaos erupted in the mall. The victim was shot in the leg and was sent to the hospital by medics.

Traffic was horrible as people were rushed off of the Concord Mills mall property by Concord police.

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The suspect was seen leaving with a black female.

No suspects have been arrested yet.

A man was killed at Carolina Place mall in January 2019, the mall is near Charlotte.