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On September 3, 2021 a shooting erupted moments before the end of a football game at Julius L. Chambers High School in Charlotte, NC. Several shots were fired in close proximity to the game in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter. 

The shots were fired from a passing vehicle into the crowd. The shots sent people running and ducking for cover. No one was reported shot. No arrests were made. 

Julius L. Chambers High School is formerly known as Vance High School, but the school name was changed in 2021 due to the Vance name coming from a former slave owner. 

Many former slave owners have had their names pulled from the names of buildings, schools, and businesses after the George Floyd murder in 2020. 

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In fact in 2020, a court in North Carolina removed the picture of a slave owner that was in the court building mounted so everyone could see. 

In 2019 gunshots rang out during a football game between Vance High School vs. Mallard Creek High School. 

At the start of the 2021 school year a student was robbed on the campus of Mallard Creek High School, also there were guns and fights at several other schools.