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The Showmars restaurant located at 2004 East 7th Street Charlotte, NC received a 87.50 health score during a inspection on February 26, 2020.

The dishwasher was not providing chlorine which knocked off a costly 3 points initially. Manual and Mechanical ware washing equipment is supposed to be functioning properly per state law.

Oatmeal was out of temperature by 20 degrees, which knocked off another 3 points. During the inspection sliced cantaloupe, hot dogs, and raw chicken were observed sitting out of temperature. Showmars did not have a thin probe thermometer in the facility during the inspection.

A hand sink was detached from the wall at Showmars.

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The inspector observed metal containers wet stacked on a clean dish shelf.

Also during the Showmars inspection there were rusted shelving in flip top units and rusted carts in the walk in cooler. There was cleaning that needed to be done on the faces of equipment. There were cracked floor tiles in the dish washing area. Employee items were commingled with employee food in the prep area.