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The Showmars restaurant 'showed' that they are capable of performing poorly on county health inspections. The Showmars located at 2540 Little Rock Road in a rather rough area of Charlotte, NC scored a whopping 86 B health score on July 8, 2020. It is not good for restaurants to do bad during the heart of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

The health inspector saw a Showmars employee food stored with customer food in the walk-in cooler. The inspector had the food removed.

The microwave in the kitchen area was dirty, as it had a lot of build up and needed to be cleaned. The plumbing fixtures were coming off the wall around the prep area and was in dire need of repairs.

There were several foods that had to be thrown away due to being stored at unsafe temperatures, those foods were: tomatoes, eggs, lettuce, burgers, goat, lamb, fish, shrimp, black beans, pork, chicken, and grilled green peppers.

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In the Showmars there was trash and items stored on the premises that were not necessary to the operation and maintenance of the building. Several ceilings, walls, and floors in the Showmars were dirty.

There was chipped tile and busted base boards throughout the facility and in the walk in freezer. Single use items were stored on dirty shelves with build up.

Lastly there was no certified food protection manager in the Showmars when the inspection started. Read here how another Charlotte Showmars received a 87.50 health score during a inspection.