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36-year-old Carlether Foley died from a gunshot wound to the head as she slept in her apartment in Duluth, Georgia on Sept. 26, 2021. Her 17-year-old son walked into her room hours later and discovered his mother dead. 22-year-old Maxwell Williamson was arrested and charged with manslaughter. 

Maxwell Williamson and Carlether Foley

Maxwell Williamson and Carlether Foley

Maxwell was cleaning his 9 millimeter gun inside his apartment. A bullet was mistakenly left in the gun, and an accidental shot went off. The bullet traveled through the wall and into the next door apartment where Carlether was sleeping. 

The bullet hit Carlether in the head, and she died. Maxwell went over and knocked on Carlether's apartment, however no one answered. 

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Maxwell then reportedly left a note offering to pay for the damage from the gunshot. At the moment Maxwell did not know that anyone was shot. Hours later Carlether's son walked into his mother's room and found her dead from being shot in the head. 

911 was called. Maxwell was arrested and is now charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct.  

Carlether was an actress who moved to Atlanta from Houston to further her career.