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A southeastern North Dakota man was sentenced in federal court on January 22, 2020 to 10 years in prison for transporting a South Carolina minor girl from Minneapolis to North Dakota to engage in sexual activity.

Dustin Gilleo, 33, had sex with a underage girl in North Dakota. Dustin convinced the girl to leave her South Carolina home to have sex with him, and she did.

On January 3, 2019, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office reported that a missing juvenile female from Burton, South Carolina, had been traced, via cellular phone tracking, to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Further investigation by Minneapolis Airport Police revealed the missing juvenile entered a vehicle belonging to Dustin Gilleo.

Dustin drove the girl to his home in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

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The following day police located the missing juvenile female at a residence in Wahpeton, at which time law enforcement removed the juvenile from the home. During a subsequent interview with the victim, she said she left her residence in South Carolina to meet Dustin in Minneapolis, as the two had previously planned. Dustin then drove the juvenile to his residence in Wahpeton where Dustin and the juvenile engaged in sexual intercourse.

Dustin admitted that the female found at his apartment was the missing juvenile from South Carolina, acknowledged meeting the victim online and that the two had been communicating for more than five months.

Dustin also admitted their communications were sexual in nature and that they had exchanged sexually explicit images of one another via text and various smartphone apps. Dustin further admitted that he knew the girl was 16-years-old at the time she traveled to North Dakota, and he admitted to having sexual intercourse with the girl at his apartment.

Dustin’s prison term will be followed by 15 years of supervised release and he was ordered to pay $100 in special assessments to the Crime Victims’ Fund and $900 in restitution to the North Dakota Crimes Victims’ Compensation.