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Another luxury dining restaurant has earned a rather horendous food safety score. This time, Sullivan's Steakhouse located at 1928 South Blvd Charlotte, NC scored an 86.50 B on a health department inspection on February 2, 2022. There were a large number of insect flies throughout the back kitchen area.

There were no paper towels at the men’s employee restroom or the women’s guest restroom.

There were no date markings on the shell stock tags. The manager even acknowledged that the Sullivan's Steakhouse location had not been compliant with date marking. 


The inspector observed frozen raw beef, frozen raw bass, and frozen raw pork stored together without separation or barriers at the reach-in freezer; raw food as such is required to be separated to avoid cross contamination. 

Dirty utensils were being stored as clean at multiple dry storage racks, the inspector had the utensils rewashed.  

Even the dish machine was not hot sanitizing at a high enough or safe temperature, the dish machine is required to sanitize at 180F, but the inspector found that it was only reaching a temperature of 131F. A technician had to come during the inspection to fix the dish machine. 

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French onion soup and clarified butter were cold holding above 41F after cooling overnight, the food had to be thrown away.

Also the following foods were held at unsafe temperatures and had to be discarded: cut cherry tomatoes, cajun butter, cooked crab meat, and chopped brussel sprouts.

There were no date marks on the cooked shrimp, hard boiled eggs, or chopped brussel sprouts at the reach-in cooler. 

During the inspection an ice build up was seen at the walk-in cooler. The toilets were dirty at the employee restrooms and needed cleaning.


When people go to luxury restaurants, they pay big money to eat good and fancy. But it is devastating when restaurants score poorly on public health inspections. Eddie V's Prime Seafood scored an ridiculous 83.50 B in 2019. 

The Ink N Ivy restaurant had roaches when they earned an 78 C health score. 

The Deans Italian Steakhouse scored an poor 87.50 B on a food safety inspection.