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The Sushi 101 Noodle Bar received a 84 B health sanitation score during a September 9, 2020 inspection. The sushi restaurant is located at 5355 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy Charlotte, NC. The Sushi 101 Noodle Bar was threatened to have permit action restrictions if they have continued non-compliance with proper hand washing requirements.

An employee was observed scraping dirty dishes with their bare hands and then loading the dish machine, the employee then unloaded and handled the clean dishes without washing his/her hands. Another employee even went so far as to consume a personal beverage and then handle clean dishes with no hand washing.

Restaurant employees are suppose to wash their hands after doing activities that contaminate them.

Personal employee beverages were stored on the back area prep table immediately adjacent to food items in the preparation process. There was no one present during the inspection with manager food safety certification. Per state law, a person in charge who is an ANSI certified food protection manager must be present whenever food is being handled.

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A manager was seen picking up ready to eat cooked rice with their bare hands and then placing the rice back into the bulk container while taking the temperature of the rice. Food safety laws prohibit contact with ready to eat foods with bare hands. The inspector had the rice thrown away. The tofu at the server station was stored at an unsafe temperature of 60f.

The interior surfaces of the bulk ice machine had black organic build up. Food pans that were stored as clean on the dish rack had food residue present. There were multiple clean metal and plastic pans stacked together wet at the clean dish storage area. Clean pans etc. are supposed to be stacked dry to prevent mildew and mold accumulation.