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Christopher Brown, 20, is charged with engaging in a shootout within the limits of uptown Charlotte, NC. The business district was hustling and bustling as usual, when on December 7, 2021 several shots were fired.

Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown

Around lunch time, a massive barrage of gunshots were fired at the intersection of Trade Street and Tryon Street. The shots were allegedly fired by the suspect into a car waiting at a red light. 

Javone Johnson, 27, was shot and killed on September 19, 2021 on North Caldwell St. Charlotte, NC. 

The victim vehicle sped away from the scene. There is no word on if the victims were injured.

Several bike and foot patrol officers were in the area and heard the gunfire. The suspect is accused of then fleeing from officers on foot down Trade Street into the bus Transit Center. 

The suspect was allegedly trying to get onto a Charlotte Area Transit System’s Bus. But, the suspect was apprehended, and a firearm was confiscated without further incident. 

The shooting prompted several alerts in the area. Employees at various high rise businesses received text messages instructing them to shelter due to a active shooter.  

Some businesses went on lockdown.  

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The suspect is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, discharge a firearm in the city limits, and resist/delay/obstruct of a law enforcement officer.

This was not a random act of violence as the victim and suspect are known to each other.


Tahajie Howard, 21, was shot and killed in a violent homicide on October 17, 2021 on South Mint Street.

34-year-old Davida Safer was found dead on South Poplar Street Charlotte, NC on July 19, 2020. Davida lived at the Ascent Uptown Apartments.

A man was shot in uptown Charlotte, NC on South College Street.

A large shootout in uptown Charlotte occured on 4th Street and College Street.

Prominent business man John Holaday, 74, was shot and killed on South College Street.  

24-year-old Michael Camacho was killed at the luxury Sky House apartments in uptown Charlotte.

Video shows cops having fireworks thrown at them during downtown Charlotte protests.