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On July 21, 2020 Delmond Cunningham, 35, was sentenced to 68 months in prison and three years under court supervision for shooting at his ex-girlfriend near Villa Heights Elementary school in Charlotte, NC.

The incident happened on August 30, 2018, around 7:30 a.m. Delmond fired two shots at his ex-girlfriend and a relative, while they were in their vehicle dropping off the victim’s daughter near the school.

Delmond followed the victim throughout the school parking lot, and once the victim left the parking lot, Delmond pointed a gun out of his car window and fired two shots at the victim’s car. After the shots were fired, Delmond fled the scene.

Delmond has a history of domestic violence, and at the time of the incident the victim had obtained a restraining order against him. One of the shots fired by Delmond penetrated a bedroom of a nearby house, thankfully no one was hurt.

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After a standoff with SWAT and speaking with negotiators, Delmond surrendered and was taken into custody on the day of the shooting.

Delmond has a prior felony conviction and is prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition.