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Dangelo Dorsey, 29, killed two people in a violent car jacking crime spree in Manchester, Tennessee. Phillip Stevens, 23, was killed in front of his pregnant wife. Darcey Johnson, 28, was killed too. Three other people were wounded in the shootings. Dangelo killed himself once he wrecked the stolen vehicle he was driving.

On September 13, 2020 Dangelo opened fire inside a moving vehicle, killing Darcey and wounding another.

Dangelo got out of the vehicle as traffic came to a halt on the interstate, shooting a driver in the hand as he attempted to carjack her vehicle, and shooting a nearby truck driver in the face.

Dangelo rear-ended the Ford Mustang in which Phillip and his wife were traveling. They stopped, believing it to be a fender-bender, and at that point Dangelo took them hostage at gunpoint.

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Dangelo forced Phillip and his pregnant wife to drive him to their home. While there, Dangelo stole two of their guns, swapped vehicles and forced Phillip and his wife to go with him. A few minutes later Dangelo pulled over into a wooded area and shot Phillip dead in front of his wife.

Dangelo drove off with Phillip's pregnant wife still inside the car. Tennessee police spotted Dangelo driving with the woman and a chase ensued. The suspect vehicle crashed and flipped. At this point, Dangelo got out of the vehicle and committed suicide via a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The pregnant female was safely recovered alive, but shaken up.