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Unlike dysfunctional displaced Walmart, when people go to Target they see clean segmented aisles and a bunch of smiling employees dressed in red. Target lines are short too. It is not common to see Target employees in cuffs, especially at the Stonecrest Shopping Center location.

22-year-old Mathew Dudzik is the Target employee that was arrested and charged with stealing over $1,000 from his job. Apparently Matthew become the target of arrest and apprehension.

Mathew worked at the Target on 7860 Rea Road Charlotte, NC and is accused of using his position to defraud the company of money. Target indicates that from late October to early November Matthew stole $1027.18

Fed up, Target sent police to arrest Matthew on November 2. Matthew was arrested and charged with Larceny By Employee.

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Charlotte Alerts did a full tour with Target and learned the retailer has the best in house asset protection system in the retail business. Target's cameras can pull up what transaction was made and when the transaction was made on any given sale. For example if a consumer buys diapers at 2pm, the cameras can display that exact transaction at anytime just by typing diapers in their system.

Target also has undercover employees working to cut down on organized theft and store loss.