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The North Carolina Department of Revenue announced that they will extend the April 15, 2020 tax filing deadline to July 15, 2020 for individual, corporate, and franchise taxes to mirror the announced deadline change from the Internal Revenue Service.

Governor Roy Cooper said this concerning the matter:

“Taxpayers need relief during this difficult time and my administration is bringing it, I will work with both Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature to provide additional help.”

The NC Department of Revenue will not charge penalties for those filing and paying their taxes after April 15, 2020, as long as they file and pay their tax before the updated July 15, 2020 deadline.

However, the department can not offer relief from interest charged to filings after April 15th. Unless state law is changed, tax payments received after April 15 will be charged accruing interest over the period from April 15 until the date of payment.

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These changes do not apply to trust taxes, such as sales and use or withholding taxes, the N.C. Governor says.

The Coronavirus has shutdown a lot of entities. Concord Mills Mall and South Park Mall were both shutdown until the end of March 2020.

If you had a court case in North Carolina, then it likely was postponed due to the virus.

Even Capital One and Duke Energy is allowing customers to skip payments without fear of late fees or disconnection during the Coronavirus state of emergency.

Oh and your favorite restaurant is not allowing any dine in orders, only take-out and delivery because of the virus.

Your local kids are prohibited from going to school during the Coronavirus due to an executive order from the North Carolina Governor.