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Dayna Chidester, 51, was a high school teacher in Illinois, she is facing years behind bars for allegedly sleeping with a 14-year-old student as many as 20 times last year.

Dayna was arrested on November 6, 2019. She was a science teacher at Reed-Custer High School.

Between late October 2018 and December 2018, prosecutors said, the teacher supposedly “had sexual intercourse with the victim approximately twice per week, and that the two engaged in other sexually explicit conduct, as well.

The 14-year-old victim told investigators that he and Dayna had sex between 15 and 20 times, according to the complaint. Detectives learned that the alleged sexual encounters took place in Chidester’s home, her vehicle and hotels in Oakbrook, Illinois. 

“There was a lot of kissing,” Chidester wrote in a text message to another student about the alleged relationship with the 14-year-old. 

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It "was mutual, we hugged so tight it hurt,” she added.” “Not a lot of talking, only about seeing each other next week and loving each other.” 

There were nearly 10,000 text messages discovered that were exchanged between the student and teacher. Some of their correspondence included nude photos. 

One image on Dayna’s phone depicted the teenager naked “sitting on the floor, with his legs extended in a spread-eagle style, exposing his genitals,” the criminal complaint described. 

The teenager admitted to investigators that Dayna had taken the photo. When asked why, he responded, “She said I looked hot," according to the complaint.

Another video text exchanged between teacher and student showed the teen with “his hands on his genitals,” the complaint added. Chidester allegedly sent nudies to the student too. 

The criminal complaint alleged that Dayna courted the teen by spoiling him with presents, including a robe and a longboard.