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Joe and Irma Garcia were married for 24 years. At 50 years old Joe died of a heart attack on May 26, 2022 which was just 2 days after his wife Irma was shot and killed at Robb Elementary School during a violent mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. 21 people died in the school shooting.

Texas Shooting

Irma and Joe Garcia

On May 26th Joe had visited a memorial for the victims, and when he arrived home, he suddenly collapsed and died from a heart attack surrounded by his family. Joe and Irma had 4 children together.

Irma was a fourth grade teacher at Robb Elementary School.

On May 24, 2022 Salvador Ramos shot his own grandmother in the face minutes before the school shooting. The suspect posted on Facebook 3 times within minutes of the shooting saying:

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"I'm going to shoot by grandmother"

"I shot my grandmother," he posted a few minutes later.

"I'm going to shoot an elementary school," his third post said.

Salvador Ramos then entered Robb Elementary School and murdered 21 people via gunshots, of those killed were 2 adult teachers and 19 children.

The attack was the deadliest school shooting in the nation since 2012. As of May 27, 2022 over $1.8 million has been raised for the family of Joe and Irma on