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Jakayla Chambers, 13, was killed in a vehicular collision on November 10, 2022 on Interstate 485 near I-77 in Charlotte, NC.

Jakayla Chambers

Jakayla Chambers

 Around 4 p.m. the teen girl was riding in a SUV with three other people on Interstate 77, the vehicle then merged onto I-485. The SUV lost control on the wet roads and flipped over several times. The SUV was then hit by a Fed Ex truck.

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A woman was thrown from the SUV and knocked unconscious due to the impact. A woman's leg was cut open by broken glass and highway metal signs. Another woman had both of her feet fractured. A man sustained a concussion. The crash also pinned a woman to the ground until near-bystanders were able to push the SUV right side up.

But sadly Jakayla died on the scene of the crash. Several other victims were taken to the hospital by paramedics.