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On September 12, 2021 17-year-old Jamir Suarez was found dead at the Pressley Road neighborhood park on Manchester Drive Charlotte, NC. Jamir's death is being classified as a homicide, as foul play is suspected. However, no clues have led to any arrests or suspects. 

Jamir Suarez

Jamir Suarez

Jamir was found dead and fully clothed under a bush in the wooded area of the park. A group of people found Jamir dead and video recorded the encounter. The group of people did not want to speak with police at all. The group of people had left by the time police arrived. 

The group of people that found Jamir were not involved in the boy's murder. 

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It is unknown if Jamir was shot, strangled, or drugged. The investigation remains ongoing. No one has been arrested in Jamir's murder and there are no suspects.