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On August 12, 2022 a teenager was arrested and charged with murdering 14-year-old Gregory Holmes on Southwest Blvd. Charlotte, NC. Gregory was a prolific youth football player.

Gregory Holmes

Gregory Holmes

As a result of the continued investigation, this case was ruled a homicide, but at one point this case was just a death investigation and no charges were expected. 

Gregory was wrestling with friends on August 11, 2022. One of the friends had a gun, and it accidentally went off. Gregory was shot and killed. 

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On August 12, 2022 detectives with the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team arrested a juvenile for the murder of Gregory. The juvenile was transported to the law enforcement center and was interviewed by homicide detectives.

At the conclusion of the interview, a secure custody order was obtained for the charge of murder. The juvenile was transported to a juvenile detention facility and served with the secure custody order.