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On March 23, 2021 Sam Saadiq Robinson, 18, pled guilty to the double murder of Zuinquarius McCrorey, 20, and Malik McCullough, 23, that happened in Rock Hill, SC. As a result of admitting to committing the double homicide, Sam was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

The double murder was on Feb. 26, 2019 on South Jones Avenue. Sam was in a car with Zuinquarius and Malik. At 1:30 p.m. Sam was in the back seat when he pulled out a gun and shot both Zuinquarius and Malik in the back of the head. Both victims were pronounced dead on the scene.

Sam ran from the scene, but a witness saw him run into woods. Sam realized he left his cell phone in the car of the murder and later returned to retrieve it. The witness saw Sam back at the car to get the phone, and the witness kept Sam on the scene until police arrived.

The night before the murders Sam had fired several gunshots at Zuinquarius' house. However, no one was injured. The next day on February 26th Sam was in the car with Zuinquarius and Malik when Sam heard Zuinquarius talking about retaliating from the gunshots. Zuinquarius didn't know that Sam was the one that shot at his house.

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In the car Sam says he feared for his life and then killed both of the victims.