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Ethan Cannon, 18, was shot and killed at a home on Rugged Stone Way Charlotte, NC. Ethan played football at Butler High School.

Ethan Cannon

Ethan Cannon

Ethan was killed on January 10, 2022 in the garage of a Charlotte residence. Ethan was shot in the chest with a short barreled AR style rifle, he died on the scene. The shooting was at 6:30 p.m.

No alcohol or drugs were detected in Ethan's bodily system.

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Autopsy officials say Ethan shot himself in the chest.

Autopsy medical officials received notice of the death, they took charge of Ethan's body and made inquiries regarding the cause of death in accordance with state law. But at this time the cause has not been ruled a suicide or homicide, the cause of death is still pending, including if the shooting was an accident.  

Ethan's birthday was less than a month away at the time of his death. His birthday was on February 25th.