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On October 9th, 2022, at 07:01 p.m., Destiny Vazquez, 19, was killed after being hit by a bus on South Cedar Street Charlotte, NC in the uptown area. Dominique Massey, 35, was arrested and charged with Destiny's death.

A Van Hool Commuter Coach bus had a green light at the same time the victim had the walk signal in the crosswalk while she was crossing West 4th Street at the South Cedar Street intersection.

The driver of the bus, Dominique Massey proceeded into the intersection after having a green light and attempted to turn on to W 4th Street. Destiny was then struck by the bus and pinned underneath the bus. The bus had no other occupants on board.

Police arrived to the scene while Destiny was pinned underneath the 4 ton bus. The fire department responded and extracted Destiny from underneath the bus.

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Destiny was then transported to Atrium Main hospital with serious injuries. Destiny was pronounced deceased a few hours later.

Speed and impairment do not appear to be factors for Dominique. Toxicology results are pending for the victim in this case. Dominique was charged with failure to yield the right of way and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.