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On December 3, 2022 Prince Holland, 13, was shot and killed in a violent drive-by shooting at football practice in Jacksonville, FL. Several other teens were shot too. Prince's football coach was shot 10 times trying to shield the victims. 

Prince Holland

Prince Holland

Prince had just finished football practice and caught a ride home with his coach. 3 other kids were in the vehicle with Prince and the coach.

The victims were stopped at a red light when a car drove up beside them and opened fire. An 11-year-old boy was shot, Prince was shot, and the 21-year-old coach was shot. The coach attempted to shield the kids from gunfire, but in doing so the coach was shot 10 times. The suspect vehicle then sped off. 

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2 other teens in the vehicle were not shot. Prince died at the scene. The coach and the 11-year-old were transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

No arrests have been made. Prince had 7 siblings, he was the youngest.