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A Columbus, Ohio WBNS-10TV television meteorologist was arrested in September 2019 charged with possessing child pornography.

60-year-old Mike Davis is accused of possessing thousands of child pornography images. Mike allegedly knowingly shared the images with other people. Mike was employed at WBNS-10TV for 31 years. The station quickly fired Mike after his arrest.

A Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force received a tip which ultimately led to search warrants requesting electronics at Mike's home and at his WBNS-10TV job. Among the images involved in the case included a prepubescent juvenile female involved in a sex act. It is alleged that Mike both sent and received images of children being sexually exploited.

Mike was arrested in his home in his pajamas.

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Mike has been charged with pandering sexual oriented material, a second-degree felony. This is punishable by up to eight years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

WBNS-10TV released this statement:

“It has been a difficult few days and our team has been shocked by this news. We have decided to end our relationship with Mike Davis due to a violation of certain terms of his employment with WBNS. We have no further comment.”