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It is imperative that American customers get clean quality food when dining at restaurants in the United States. The Teriyaki Express II restaurant received a bad 82.50 B health score during a food safety inspection on September 16, 2020. The Asian cuisined restaurant is located at 6434 West Sugar Creek Road Charlotte, NC.

The inspector observed two live roaches and several dead roaches in the facility at the time of the inspection. There were also old mice droppings in the back corner of the restaurant by the back door.

Just last week the Sushi 101 Noodle Bar got a 84 B health score.

There was no designated person-in-charge present in Teriyaki Express II at the beginning of the inspection. The inspection exposed a lack of active managerial control throughout the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant came to the facility at the end of the inspection. There were expired ServSafe certificates at the time of the inspection.

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Restaurant employees in North Carolina are required to wear masks due to the Coronavorus pandemic. During the inspection there were several used masks throughout Teriyaki Express II stored on prep tables and on the bulk rice bag. Moreover, employee medication (mouth numbing cream) was stored on the prep table where food prep was taking place.

An employee was seen drinking from a personal cup and put on gloves to work with restaurant food without washing their hands. The inspector provided proper food safety education and the employee washed their hands and put on new gloves.

There were no paper towels at both hand sinks in the kitchen. The inspector observed no current parasite destruction letter on file at the restaurant. Several utensils throughout the facility were stored as clean, but were really dirty with food waste and oily residue.

A hand sink was clogged and had a leaking pipe. Water was even leaking out onto the floor causing a large puddle of standing water. Food employees were unable to properly wash hands at the sink. There was also a large puddle of standing water in the dry storage hallway close to the entrance of the kitchen. The outside of the microwave was sticky with old food splash.

The kitchen was in an overall unclean condition. The inspector saw a hat stored with clean utensils at the 3-vat sink. An employee phone and phone cord was stored on the prep table with clean knives.