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Lets face it, sometimes good looking people get arrested for alleged offenses, as seen here from recent jail photos in and around Charlotte, NC. Some of them have their hair done, fresh haircuts, well aligned makeup, and maybe even a suit and tie. And no we aren't saying the people seen here belong in a top tier fashion or beauty magazine. But we are saying that they got arrested, accused of various alleged crimes.


But, who wants to go to jail anyway? Jail is not a good place. There are many fights in jail, and even guards get stabbed and beat up by inmates sometimes.  

Food is nasty in jail and the beds are uncomfortable.

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And to make matters worse, bugs were seen crawling on the kitchen walls at the jail during a health inspection.

If you spend the night in jail, you get a stylish orange or burgundy jump suit that you can flaunt around and show the other inmates. But your best bet is to just to stay out of jail from the get go.   

Also, in case you are curious, here are even more photos of good looking people that have been arrested.