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29-year-old Jose Escalante-Corchado is charged with the murder of Mackenzie Hopkins, 24. The victim was a young mother and was murdered in Kansas City, Missouri on January 15, 2022. Her 4-year-old daughter was beat and had massive head trauma. 

Jose Escalante-Corchado and Mackenzie Hopkins

Jose Escalante-Corchado and Mackenzie Hopkins

On January 15th Mackenzie called 911 around 6 a.m. It is not clear what was said during the call, but the 911 dispatcher heard people fighting on the open line.

However police did not show up until 12 hours later after another call was made by Mackenzie's family. A family member called police around 6 p.m. to check on Mackenzie. The family member met police at the house.  

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Police entered the house and found Mackenzie beaten to death, she was submerged in a bathtub with obvious signs of physical brutality.

Mackenzi's daughter was found on a bed with severe head injuries. The little girl was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Police determined the daughter had been severely bludgeoned. The girl is still alive. There were large pools of blood and drag marks in the house.

Police identified Jose as a suspect, and although Jose denies any involvement in Mackenzie's murder, he was still arrested.

Jose is charged with murder, assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and armed criminal action.