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In Chester County, Pennsylvania on May 29, 2022 Tiara Rodriguez-Diaz, 20, and her best friend, 21-year-old Kimberly Ortiz-Zayas were murdered, along with Tiara's unborn baby, Tiara was several months pregnant. The alleged killer is Tiara's boyfriend Mamadou Kallie, 22. Tiara and Mamadou share a 2 year-old son together.

Mamadou Kallie, Kimberly Ortiz-Zayas, and Tiara Rodriguez-Diaz

Mamadou Kallie, Kimberly Ortiz-Zayas, and Tiara Rodriguez-Diaz

Around 10:30 p.m. on May 29, 2022 Tiara and Mamadou were having a domestic dispute at a friend's 'get together'. Police were called, and Mamadou ended up leaving in a separate vehicle than Tiara and Kimberly. The police then left with no citations or arrests issued.

30 minutes later, Tiara's was in a vehicle with her son and Kimberly. Mamadou is accused of pulling up to the vehicle and shooting Tiara several times in front of their 2-year-old son. Tiara died.

Mamadou is also accused of shooting and killing Kimberly at the same scene. Mamadou then took his 2-year-old son out of the vehicle and drove him to the home of his relatives.

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Kimberly was vaguely still alive when Mamadou left. Kimberly was able to walk away from Tiara's vehicle, leaving a trial of blood behind, Kimberly collapsed a few feet away in the road and died.

Police were called to the scene because nearby people heard shots fired. Kimberly, Tiara, and Tiara's unborn baby were dead.

 Mamadou then allegedly carjacked a vehicle to change cars. Cops initiated a chase after getting a 911 call from the owner of the stolen vehicle. 2 stop stick devices had to be used to get Mamadou to stop.

Mamadou got out of the vehicle with blood on his shirt and a gun to his neck. Mamadou was in a standoff with officers. A negotiator was brought in and was able to talk Mamadou down. Mamadou was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder, murder of an unborn child, carjacking, fleeing and eluding, and endangering the welfare of a child.