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Police officers getting killed on the job is nothing new, it is a dangerous job. Senior Police Officer William Jeffrey was shot multiple times and killed on September 20, 2021 during a triple shooting in Houston, Texas. The other officer shot was a sergeant identified as Michael Vance. Deon Ledet, 30, is the suspect that shot both of the cops. Officers returned fire and killed Deon. 

Deon Ledet and William Jeffrey 

Deon Ledet and William Jeffrey 

 Officer Jeffrey and Vance were serving a felony high level narcotics warrant when Deon shot both of them. Jeffrey was shot several times and died from the shooting. Vance was shot and injured. 

Officers returned fire on Deon and killed him.  

2 cops were shot in the head, and one died in Chicago. 

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Officer Jeffrey joined the Houston Police Department in December of 1990 and was assigned to the Major Offenders Division for almost 13 years. Funeral arrangements are pending and will be announced at a later time. 

A TSA agent in Miami was shot and killed in front of her daughter. 

Officer Vance underwent emergency treatment at a Houston hospital. Vance joined the police department in June of 1998 and has been in the Major Offenders Division for the past 2 years.

A cop was robbed at a mall in California. 

Several cops were shot at during a SWAT standoff in Charlotte.