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Juan Escalante, 18, and Gerardo Lagunes, 17, are charged with the murder of Domingo Venancio-Tapia, 42.

 On the night of April 29 Domingo was killed on South Boulevard at the Restaurante Lempira in Charlotte, NC.

The adult male was shot dead directly in front of the restaurant. Domingo was in Restaurante Lempira before the shooting, but the moment he walked out of Restaurante Lempira is when the shooting occurred.

On April 30 Gerardo was located and arrested, charged with murder.

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But Juan was not going down without a fight. On April 30 officers and the Secret Service went to a residence near Coulee Place to serve warrants on Juan related to the homicide of Domingo. Juan engaged in a eight hour standoff with the SWAT Team and Negotiators. Juan refused to cooperate, but after those long eight hours Juan eventually succumbed to his arrest and surrendered.

Juan is charged with Murder, Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill, and 4 counts of Shooting into Occupied Property.