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Two people who work in the Wells Fargo’s Customer Information Center in the University City area of Charlotte, NC tested positive for Coronavirus, Wells Fargo bank said.

Wells Fargo recently learned of the positive tests. The employees had not been in the office since March 12 and 13, respectively; and the workers are being monitored by public health authorities, Wells Fargo said.

There are hundreds if not thousands of workers at the Wells Fargo location in question.

Wells Fargo spokesman Peter Gilchrist released this statement:

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“Some Wells Fargo employees who support critical operations, including contact centers, must be onsite in order to serve our customers,” Gilchrist said. “We are taking significant actions to ensure the safety of our team, including enhancing social distancing measures, staggering staff and shifts, performing enhanced cleaning, and implementing the CDC’s guidelines of six feet of space between individuals.”

Two Lowe's employees in Charlotte were also diagnosed with the Coronavirus.