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On November 20, 2019 the U.S. Fried Chicken location at 2823 West Sugar Creek Rd Charlotte, NC earned a horrible 84.50 B score during a health inspection of the restaurant.

How dirty can a restaurant be to store food on a trash can? At U.S. Fried Chicken a container of french fries was stored on top of the trash can.

An employee was observed wearing gloves to handle raw chicken, the employee then discarded the gloves and put on new gloves without washing hands. The inspector stopped the employee and explained the correct procedure. The U.S. Fried Chicken employee washed hands and then put on new gloves.

The manager's certified food protection manager certificate expired in February 2019. The facility did not have a food thermometer, they are very important so food temperatures can be measured to ensure proper compliance and to prevent food borne illnesses.

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Observed tomatoes, lettuce and cheese at unsafe temperatures. The cold food was not suppose to be stored above 41F. The lettuce was discarded.

There was cleaning needed to be done on the dry storage shelves, the soda machine, and on the outside of equipment.

There was a leak at one of the water faucets. There was no toilet paper in the women's restroom.