Trystan Terrell

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A young man killed college students and injured many more in a active shooter episode at UNC Charlotte

22-year-old Trystan Terrell went on a violent shooting rampage at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Trystan killed two people and injured several more by shooting his pistol at innocent college students. Trystan was autistic and suffered from a mental disorder, his family says. Trystan's father even tried to get his son some mental help.

The student victims had amazingly bright futures.

Mental illness is a major problem in the United States, as it is important to get help for those that suffer from it. It is not good when tragic events like the April 30 University of North Carolina Charlotte shootings take place.

A family member of Trystan described him as autistic and socially reserved.

The Autism Society describes Autism spectrum disorder as a developmental disability that affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Difficulty making eye contact, holding a conversation, reasoning, and planning, are a few traits associated with Autism spectrum disorder.

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nizhoni 2376
nizhoni 2376

These animals always convieniently have a mental disorder. Bullshit


Why would they label it a "mental disorder"? What was it depression, schizophrenia or bipolar? Either way, a diagnosis doesn't matter much now. You have two lives gone, and all we say is "hopes and prayers". If people did care, they would have tried more of a buddy buddy approach to understand someone how has autism. We don't do this, because we choose to alienate or stigmatize people who don't fit in society early in life. Now, we are stigmatizing individuals based on social behavior? Their are alots of autism individuals who act this way. The truth be told, he doesn't have a mental illness. It was just autism because there is nothing that mentions on this page other than the signs of autism traits.