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We all know that college can be a tough place, and everyone has that one professor that makes things difficult, but Trystan took scholastic disputes to a whole new level when he shot and killed several people on campus at the University of North Carolina Charlotte on April 30, 2019.

Trystan went to the administration building armed with a pistol, killing two people and injuring four more people. Trystan did this all on the day that high profile rapper 'Waka Flaka Flame' was suppose to perform at a on campus concert.

The dead victims are identified as Ellis Parlier, 19 and Riley Howell, 21.

The injured victims, some of which are still in the hospital are identified as Drew Pescaro, 19, Sean Dehart, 20, Emily Houpt, 23, and Rami Alramadhan, 20. Rami has immediate family in oil rich Saudi Arabia, Rami's family is currently on the way to America to check on their loved one.

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Trystan was a student at UNC Charlotte. He left a note online that detailed 'why he did this', the note displays his dissatisfaction with his statistics teacher. Trystan explains that he pays a lot of money for his enrollment, and when he went to upper university management to complain about his professor, nothing was done.

Given the alleged situation, the anger within Trystan provoked him to shoot up the school and go on a violent shooting rampage.

Police arrested and charged Trystan with 2 counts of murder and 4 counts of attempted murder.