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Jahniya Espino, 21, and Demani Love, 22, were arrested after a group fight broke out in Charlotte, NC. On October 27, 2020 there was a huge fight between a group of females on New Renaissance Way at the Boulevard Homes housing development.

Demani Love and Jahniya Espino

Demani Love and Jahniya Espino

Demani and Jahniya clearly have bad blood, as Jahniya was accused of robbing Demani in 2019.

But per the October 2020 fight, several female victims were assaulted during the fight. Concerned citizens called 911 and arrests were made on scene. Jahniya sustained bruising on her face from the altercation.

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After the fight Demani ended up on a hospital gurney due to injury, Demani even took her mugshot laying on the gurney. Demani was accused of robbing a convenience store in August 2020.

As a result of the fight Demani was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, felony possession of cocaine, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Jahniya was charged with assault.