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Gilberto Monico Fernández and 26-year-old Jose Bonilla Canaca are 2 of the 3 men killed on an apartment construction site in Charlotte, NC on January 2, 2023 above video shows. The 3rd man that died has not been identified yet.

Jose Bonilla Canaca and Gilberto Monico Fernández

Jose Bonilla Canaca and Gilberto Monico Fernández

3 men were killed after a scaffold fell several stories while the victims were on it. The 3 victims were on the 8th level of an apartment building at an estimated 70 feet high. The men were on a scaffold doing construction work on the unfinished apartment building.

Out of no where the scaffold failed and collapsed. The scaffold came crashing down to the ground from the 8th level. The victims had nothing to grab onto as the scaffold they were on quickly pummeled to the ground.

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Jose, Gilberto, and the 3rd victim died immediately. Video shows the tragic encounter.

2 more construction workers were hurt and taken to the hospital, but those 2 survived. 

Gilberto was from Mexico, he was set to retire soon.

OSHA and the NC Department of Labor will evaluate the construction site, and there will likely be violations, penalties, and fines.

Juventino Mata-Hernandez fell 21 stories from a building in Charlotte, NC in 2018.