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Video shows the commercial truck hanging off the highway bridge 3 stories in the air

A 18-whheler truck was involved in a fiery wreck on May 27, 2022. The truck was seen hanging from a bridge above a highway.

Video from the encounter shows that the crash was on I-75 in Lee County, Fl.

The 18-wheeler truck hit the concrete barrier and ran off the highway bridge, causing a large fire. The large truck was hanging from the bridge, prompting the interstate to close for hours. This was a single vehicle crash.

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A crane had to be used to get the truck off the bridge and load on a tow truck equipped to haul off large commercial trucks.

Florida State Troopers have not released any cause for the crash or fire. An investigation is ongoing, the driver is in the hospital in stable condition, no arrests have been made. No other people were hurt in the crash. Thankfully no vehicles were hit by the commercial truck as it flew off the bridge.